Images in research: diagnostic, exploration, engineering imagery services.

InsituaFX has a strong academic research background, with studies undertaken at Imperial College, London and The Cardiothoracic Institute, Brompton Hospital.

From the challenges of imaging fluid flows in airways and arteries through to the detection of radioactive markers the display and representation of data through medical digital imaging including x-ray imaging, was essential. In those research years where we created image content for patient records and for diagnostic purposes by coding the image data. Today we use this unique insight to extract, code and convert such medical images as part of a wider service.

In the early days of Computer Graphics adapted some of the latest broadcast imaging display technologies was used to create film transparencies and OHPs! Again with this unique insight we now manage the transition of these film based products to Digital.

And prior to the widespread adoption of desktop applications there were closed graphics and image editing stations with proprietary file formats – one such system was the Dicomed Graphics Workstations using the Tile format with .til file extension. These were opened up to the wider world of printing possibilities via the conversion to Postscript, CGM and Tiff, BMP, JPEG, Targa and other digital image file formats. Our digital imaging knowledge led to the first “in-box” electronic ordering system for a leading Desktop Presentation Software package launched in the UK.

There is now a wide range of digital output technologies: dye sublimation printing, Inkjet printing, Laser Printing, This is combined with a variety of physical formats: digital minilabs, instant printing, large format printing, continuous feed and cut sheet printing. All these possibilities require image data to be specially coded, converted, modified, optimized and transmitted. We have in-depth knowledge and experience of the key driving technologies.

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