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Digital image expertise – Services for Conversion of Digital Images, Metadata Management and Digital Image Processing

Inspired expertise with a range of possibilities…

Invaluable – Digital Assets

At its core has been the management and processing of valuable digital image assets in file formats such as BITMAP, EPS, PNG, JPEG, TIFF, RAW, TARGA, BMP, PDF and others. We are a company that can convert a variety of file formats including common digital-to-digital conversion tasks around the coding of the most popular JPEG format such as: convert bitmap to jpeg (BMP to JPEG), convert eps to jpg (EPS to JPEG), convert gif to jpg (GIF to JPEG), convert png to jpg (PNG to JPEG), convert raw to jpeg (RAW to JPEG) and convert tif to jpg (TIFF to JPEG).

These tasks can be combined with a JPEG resizer, JPEG compressor and JPEG repair. And for document formats, converting images to PDF is very powerful and also to convert JPEG to Word document. But when file format conversion is performed in the other direction using the JPEG format, say PDF to JPG, it enables the transfer of important information using metadata in the tags. Interestingly other tasks can involve digital image data, locked away in obscure, obsolete, old, inefficient file formats or databases using all our image migration and image coding expertise for reconstruction, recovery and repair. Use data export for the non-picture information and the recovered images can be transformed, converted, repaired, interpreted and modified, re-combining Image and additional information using Metadata in IPTC, EXIF headers and Tags to release their potential. Let us discuss your special requirements.

Internet – Product Development

One story – Working with a start-up client to create custom software to provide fulfillment for Digital Prints via internet ordering – this client is now one of the largest on-line printing companies in Europe

Institutions – Varied Sectors

Motion Picture, Defence, Security, Law Enforcement, Aerospace, Pharmaceutical, Medical(e.g. Fundus and DICOM image formats), Wholesale Photofinishing, Event Photography, Image Libraries, Advertising, Publishing, non-destructive testing (NDT) – providing custom conversions for custom formats, tailored software solutions to digital imaging technical support.

Oil, Gas, Petroleum Exploration industries provide a wide variety of image data sources such as well logs, plot and chart data which often contain standard image formats embedded in proprietary data files. Many of these oversize images are tiled and there might be a requirement to stitch, combine or merge into a single file. Equally, there might also be a need to split these oversized image files.
Engineering and Test sectors. Recently migrated legacy Windows Embedded CE product using ‘EOL’ hardware to its SBC (Single Board Computer) replacement hardware platform. The WinCE system, used Time Domain Reflectometry (TDR) and Neural Networks to carry out critical maintenance and assurance tests.

Interface – Hardware

Digital Printers, Digital Plotters, Digital Minilabs, Digital Film Recorders, Digital Scanners 

E.g. Using JPEG code and Tiff code as well as other coded formats, software has been created connecting Digital Photos and Scanned Images, sending image jobs to Digital Minilabs from all the major suppliers

Intergrate – Design

customisable photolab workflow solutions

Integrated software solutions including Kiosks and Manufacturers SDK digital imaging software in countless different production environments – Retail, Main Labs, Service Bureaus, Schools Photography. One of the main tasks is to provide RIP Software in these environments for manufacturers like:-
Kodak – batch printing and hot folder job handling from Kodak G3 and Kodak G4 kiosks. Alternative Kodak Enablers using BlueFX.
Noritsu – printing photos to the main dry and wet minilabs via NHF (Norisu Hot Folder) and also being able to import the NHF job format
Agfa – print from Agfa Kiosks (converting .b00 job files) and also print to d-Lab1, dLab2 and d-Lab3 MiniLabs
The RIP can apply ICC Profiles; make colour corrections; add geospatial metadata through Geotagging whilst automating DSC handling of digital images.

International – Global Brands

Major High Street Retailers in Europe and North Americas

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Conversions and Metadata Management is what we do best let us see how we can help

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