Frontier Wetlab, SureLab Drylab, Web fulfilment – bringing it all together.

Going Dutch? Wet ‘n Dry

Photo retailer in Holland making the switch from Wetlab to Drylab!


Dutch Masterpiece
Frontier 375, Epson SureLab D700 and Pixsy Kiosk

With his existing Fujifilm Frontier© 375 minilab he includes one Epson SureLab D700 Drylab Inkjet printer to add capacity but also in anticipation for the day when he has to say goodbye to the Old Master.
But not so fast… Using BlueFX’s custom workflow solution we were able to take in Kiosk orders from his Pixsy, two web download streams and seamlessly and intelligently print to both Old and New – Wet and Dry. Automatically printing directly both to the Epson SureLab D700 Drylab but also to the Frontier Wetlab via C4/C5, splitting and directing incoming orders to the printer having matching roll size and media, with minilab-type functionality.
And in the last resort if the print size cannot fit on either printer – send to the Plotter! With an automated digital workflow in place, adding more SureLab d700s, keeping or replacing the Frontier, the scene is set.
Find out how you can create your own Masterpiece!

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Epson SureLab SL-D700 goes mobile at the main Event

Epson SureLab SL-D700 goes mobile at the main Event

Epson SureLab Inkjet printer escapes the Lab to star at Sports Event Photography


BlueFX Software powers Epson SureLab D700 in Event Photography

Sports Event Photographer turn to BlueFX software to provide quick, easy and fast printing of photos captured wirelessly to the SureLab in the field.
The initial request was for Hot Folder printing, but we were able to provide so much more creating layouts, packages, trading cards, panorama prints – just as if we were still in the Lab! 
Speak to us on how we can help streamline your events printing workflow with BlueFX software.

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Epson SureLab D700 Ink Jet printers replace Wetlab

Epson SureLab SL-D700 Ink Jet printers replace traditional Wet MiniLab

In the heart of the Midlands, UK one year on, the Micro Lab
replacement to one of their two Wet Minilabs is hailed a complete success.


Epson SureLab d700 Ink Jet
printers replace Wet Minilab

The driving factors were to reduce maintenance costs whilst at the same time taking advantage of higher print quality and instant printing, making the cost-per-print low. BlueFX workflow allowed the company to manage this transition, supporting both Old and New minilab systems for on-line Dakis orders; in-store kiosk orders (FIT/DiLand/Oblo); and regular Lab work from Schools, Events and Weddings.

Contact us to find out how we can help you to transition your workflow to the Epson SureLab SL-D700.

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Lab keeps Darkroom Software for new SureLab d3000 printer

Darkroom software gets seamless support for Epson SureLab d3000 printer

Connect Express Digital Darkroom© Software to Epson SureLab MiniLabs, Frontier DX100/DL650 printers, and others with BlueFX RIP Software.

Connect Express Digital Darkroom system to Epson SureLab minilabs, Frontier DX100/DL650 printers, and others with BlueFX RIP Software over Colorburst

Express Digital Darkroom©
SureLab printing

Traditional Wet lab user replaces units with two Epson SureLab D3000 printers whilst retaining their existing Express Digital Darkroom© workflow software, able to control printing order and backprint.

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desklab pro linkup

desklab pro

desklab pro
BlueFX Output support

BlueFX supports desklab pro. School package printing to various traditional minilabs and dry labs.

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Lucidiom Kiosk Connections

Lucidiom Kiosk connects to Epson SureLab D3000

Automatic printing of photo orders from Lucidiom Kiosks.

Connecting digital photo printing workflow to Lucidiom or PhotoFinale APM Kiosks automatically using Dry Minilabs like Epson SureLab d3000 or the SureLab d700 and its Fuji equivalent Frontier DX100 with BlueFX RIP Software

Lucidiom/PhotoFinale Kiosk
Order Fulfilment

BlueFX supports printing from Lucidiom kiosks to the Epson SureLab D3000 from Norwich, UK to Chicago, USA!

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Netlife Lablink Support

Netlife Lablink system. BlueFX output to devices such as Noritsu, Frontier, Indigo, Agfa dLab, Epson SureLab

Netlife Lablink
BlueFX Output support

BlueFX is now supported in Netlife. It provides a powerful fulfilment option for Netlife’s Lablink application thus enabling printing to a wide variety of conventional minilabs, wide format devices and dry labs like the Epson SureLab or Fuji Frontier.

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