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Digital image expertise.

With over 30 year’s experience in Digital Imaging, InsituaFX has the expertise to handle a wide range of Digital Image file and Lab Workflow problems.

During this time personnel have worked with all the major Photographic manufacturers in Europe, North America and Japan. The list also includes national photographic retailers, digital imaging providers, and online digital photo printing companies.

At the heart was providing custom solutions to develop and extend their business. Solutions which involved image processing of popular digital image file formats to connect to a host of imaging devices including digital film recorders, digital minilabs, digital printers, photo kiosks. Solutions which encompass areas such as retail web fulfilment, wholesale photofinishing, image libraries, security, Schools photography, Events photography, Newspapers and Magazine Press.

And now that Windows XP is no longer supported by Microsoft there is a need to migrate to newer OS like Windows 7. As a result software protection features in many programs fail to work – we can help.

With an academic research and industry background, Insitua revels in challenges. So if you have a large volume of digital images which are in the wrong format: custom format or company internal format; or the image data is embedded in data records;  and you want to convert them to the right digital  image format with metadata let us take a look. You might even need to meet the specifications for an image uploader (e.g. DV-2012 limit pixel size to say 600×600 pixels), we can change the image dimensions. If pictures and prints have been scanned and locked away in any other obscure format let us liberate them. If digital image files need categorising whilst handling metadata let us bring some order.

Digital image processing is what we do best let us see how we can help.

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