BlueFX provides Epson SureLab D3000 and Epson SureLab D700 Printing Software for Kiosk, Photo Booth, Web and ROES Fulfilment; Portraits, Schools and Events package printing. A complete printing software solution to replace Wet Labs with an Epson Dry Lab [scroll]

The Epson SureLab SR D3000 Drylab is becoming a popular replacement for many Wetlabs. However, many Wetlab owners still require many of the features that they have grown accustomed to, which are not provided by the basic Epson Printer Driver, but which BlueFX provides in either Client-PC or Client-PC+Printer-PC configurations, whilst supporting all the Epson D3000 Paper surfaces. Features such as:

  • Full configuration and customisation of backprinting, enabling say a Job Order reference, customer details or even IPTC metadata to appear on the SureLab backprint.
  • Automatically vary the length of the print to match its dimensions, e.g. panorama prints.
  • Powerful Drag & Drop printing, controlling scaling and paper surface on the fly! Of course, also use numerous highly configurable Hot Folders in our Epson SureLab D3000 Hot Folder printer software, providing easy printing from say Adobe© Lightroom or over the LAN from Mac or iPad
  • Control the print size by simply setting the picture dimensions and resolution, e.g. auto-size printing.
  • Really fast Package printing layouts. Put us to the test!
  • Control the order of printing of the digital images within a single Print Job which may contain multiple print sizes or even paper surfaces.
  • Reduce the tray movements of the print sorter.
  • Custom borders.
  • Connect existing Kiosk Workflows via SureLab DPOF printing.
  • Migrate your existing WetLab Workflow to Epson SureLab DryLab printing. For example, via Noritsu Hot Folder (NHF).
  • Simple Image management, editing and ordering.
  • Save output for Digital Downloads.
  • Netlife, ROES, ImageQuix, Express Digital, TimeStone, PhotoLynx, DP2 and many others supported.

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Traditional Wet MiniLab owners are looking to migrate to Dry MiniLabs such as the Epson D3000.

The Epson SureLab D3000 price is lower than conventional Wet Labs and such Dry Photo Labs offer high quality with low maintenance costs making them attractive for established photo labs but also offer a more cost-effective entry point to newer users wanting to provide say internet printing services.

The high capacity Epson SureLab printer in either single roll (SL-D3000 SR) or double roll version (SL-D3000 DR) can easily be integrated into a retail environment automatically printing job orders from Kiosks – kiosk manufacturers such as Lucidiom©, PhotoFinale©, Oblo©, FIT©, Fujifilm©, Agfa©, Noritsu©, Kodak©, HP© and others.

It can also be the answer for larger commercial businesses wishing to provide their own in-house photographic services, and for lower volumes where the new Epson SureLab D700 can also prove very appealing. Of course, the price of the Epson SureLab SL-D700 is much lower than the Epson Surelab SL-D3000 price, but when several are combined to form a MicroLab it offers a powerful scalable alternative. Find out how we can turn the SureLab d700 into a real Micro Lab with features such as Load Balancing and Job Separators.

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Pano prints for Epson SureLab SL-D3000 and Epson SureLab SL-D700. Print Panoramas from Smartphones without needing to calculate the size, whilst customizing the backprint of the Epson D3000 printer and selecting the paper surface of the SureLab D3000 or SureLab D700 dry photo lab, at the same time using the powerful Drag & Drop feature or simply use a number of highly configurable Hot Folders. e.g. Adobe Lightroom


We’ll get right back to you…with digital photographic printing software solutions for Epson SureLab d3000, Epson SureLab d700, MicroLab, Kiosk integration and Web and ROES fulfilment.

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